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Adding service in PHYSICAL STANDBY

NEW Oracle 11gr2 Feature has “-l” option where database role can be specified while adding the service. This option enables the freedom to start the service if the database role matches with role used to create the service. 1. Create the service resource in primary cluster, for example, add service1 and service2 $ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/srvctl add… Continue reading Adding service in PHYSICAL STANDBY

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Rman Delete archive log at Standby site

#!/usr/bin/ksh export ORACLE_HOME=”/u01/oracle/product/” SID=$1 export ORACLE_SID=$SID if [[ $SID = “” ]] then echo “Usage purge_fra.ksh {sid}” fi export ORACLE_SID=$SID if [[ $ORACLE_HOME == “” ]] then echo “Error Oracle Home NOT set” fi SQL=sb_applied_logs.sql RCV=purge_fra_logs.rcv LOG=purge__fra_logs.log echo “” > $LOG echo “set pages 0” > $SQL echo “set lines 132” >> $SQL echo “set… Continue reading Rman Delete archive log at Standby site

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Troubleshooting GG Replicat slow

Step 1: ——- Info replicat sh ls -ltr <o/p from above output>* Step 2: ——- select BLOCKING_SESSION_STATUS, sql_hash_value, PREV_HASH_VALUE, state, event, saddr, sid,serial#, username,command, status,server,schemaname, process, machine, port,program, sql_id, sql_exec_start,prev_sql_id from gv$session where module like ‘%<replicat>%’; .Use the hash_value and sql_id from above output select sql_text from v$sql where hash_value = &hash_value; select sql_text from… Continue reading Troubleshooting GG Replicat slow